Review of Odoo Development Essentials of Daniel Reis

I have first heard about Openerp (Odoo) in 2009 (version 6) and since then I have followed the updates from time to time. The latest version (8) has brought a lot of changes and I have been impressed. Since the first time I have heard about OpenERP/Odoo, one thing I have noticed is the fact there are quite no book available. You may found marketing materials, online documentation, forums but few books. While writing the review I have searched again and I am surprised to see more books than before; but this very book is the first one as far I know that teaches how to code an Oddo module.

The first one I read (I have gone through it franckly speaking) is in French (TinyErp, OpenERP, Pour une gestion d’entreprise efficace et intégrée) then the second one that I recommand too is Working with OpenERP; the third one is the Odoo Development Essentials (link to Pack page). I was expecting a lot from this book because I have tried to dig in the Odoo code before :-).

The books explains clearly the difference between an application and a module and how to code both.

You will read about how to implement the security based on the architecture of User/Group-Role

A Basic Ubuntu/debian knowledge will be useful because the Odoo team uses nately these two systems; thus many packages and tips are available for them.

Creating Views, improving the User Exprience by customizing the layout has been explained.

Using the QWeb (the template engine used by Odoo) was difficult to understand for me before I read the book (especially how to apply custom Js and Css changes).

A sample module to interact remotely with the external API of Odoo is a whole topic presented in the 9th chapter.

The deployment also has been covered in the 10th chapter (a deployment based on a checklist).

I have enjoyed going through the book and especially discovering step by step the “technical backend side” of Odoo. Time to go for projects now 🙂



About This Book

Book DetailsOdoo_essentials

ISBN 13 9781784392796
Paperback 214 pages

– Leverage the powerful and rapid development Odoo framework to build the perfect app for your business needs
– Learn to use models, views, and business logic to assemble solid business applications effectively
– Get up and running with Odoo and integrate it with external data and applications using this easy-to-follow guide

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for developers who need to quickly become productive with Odoo. You are expected to have experience developing business applications, as well as an understanding of MVC application design and knowledge of the Python programming language.
Get it now !

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