Review of Drupal 7 Media of Liran Tal

Drupal 7 Media of Liran Tal (

A quick overview of the book :

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 260 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]Cover Image Drupoal 7 Media
Release Date : July 2013
ISBN : 1849516081
ISBN 13 : 9781849516082
Author(s) : Liran Tal

Chapter 1: Drupal’s Building Blocks
What is the difference between a Node and an Entity architecture wise ? (Everything has become and entity in Drupal 7). You can therefore add fields to everything (taxonomy, content type, users, etc.).

If you are an old user of Drupal you can skip this chapter.

Chapter 2: Views, Blocks, and Themes
It covers the installation of the modules views and the difference between block and regions.

If you are an old user of Drupal you can skip this chapter.

Chapter 3: Working with Images

The Media module has been covered in details as well the installation and integration with the WYSIWYG module. If you have not worked with Galleries this chapter is a good initiation article.

If you are an old user of Drupal you can still learn some tips.

Chapter 4: HTML5 in Drupal
Time to learn about the new features of HTML5 and how to integrate them in Drupal using the appropriate contributed modules. Canvas integration has been discussed too.

Drupal experts should spend some time here to get some more tips.

Chapter 5: Video Capabilities
There are in drupal 7 different ways of integrating videos either from your server or from remote places like Youtube. Here is where they are all mentioned; you will as well read how to create videos galleries and playlists.

Unless you have dwelt with videos for several times before, you should read this chapter.

Chapter 6: Audio Capabilities

Working with audio can be troublesome but you will find here everything needed to go ahead.

Everybody should take a look at it.

Chapter 7: Leveraging Other HTML5 Features

You need to go through this because it shows how new features can be integradted in Drupal (chart, responsive theming, etc.)

Chapter 8: Enhancing Media Content
What is “image toolkit”, “image style”, “colorbox” and “rating” in Drupal ? Answers are here. Multiple uploads, colorbox integrated with Wysiwyg are also mentioned.

Drupal experts might learn some tips too.

Chapter 9: Drupal 8 and Beyond
Everybody will enjoy this chapter since the upcoming version is not yet released all information are welcomed. Read about Drupal 8’s architecture changes and what to expect.

A must for those not willing to leave the tool soon.

I have enjoyed going through this book since it is only about the media aspect. I have discovered many tips and feel more stronger. 🙂

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