The review of Web Application Development with Yii and PHP of Jeffrey Winesett

As promised below is my thought regarding the book:

Web Application Development with Yii and PHP of Jeffrey Winesett (

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 332 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release Date : November 2012
ISBN : 1849518726
ISBN 13 : 9781849518727
Author : Jeffrey Winesett
First Edition:  August 2010
Number of Chapters : 12

I was asking myself how they will start the book indeed because of the title given to the book.

I have loved the first chapter “Meet Yii” not just because of the title but also because of it’s content (ORM, Active Record, MVC concept, etc.).

Thenk we move to the “Getting Started”, where you will mainly install Yii and add a new application and work on a controller, a view and understand the routing.

We always need to worry about the “Data relashionships” and “CRUD” for database projects; that is the topic covered in the next three (3) chapters. testing and Unit Testing is also mentioned here. You will learn how to configure the Gii tool, add drop down lists and form field validations.

“User management and Authentication” and “User Access Control” which might be a headache are explained fully in the chapter 6 and 7. You will learn how to use the default user management features available and also how to use your own “user” table to handle logins, extend user attributes, role based access control.

What is a widget, CWidget, CPortlet ? go to the Chapter 8 to have more information through the “adding comment” feature.

Read about how to include Zend Framework for the Rss needs in the Chapter 9.

Time to make our web app look nice and available in other languages : work on the layout and localization. Be introduced to the Blueprint CSS framework, customize the page title, header, menu, breadcrumb, creating a theme, etc.

The “Yii modules” chapter explains how to create a module for a feature.

“Productions Readiness” is for you the quick guide to put in place what is important to have a production instance; messages logging and routing, error handling and caching.

Personal opinion:
The book is a good one because even if you have never used Yii before, you can find your way out. You also have enough code and screenshots in the book so just go ahead enjoy the book !!

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