SAP HANA Starter – Book review

First Impression: serious things start from page 13, yes 12 pages to “get into the book” and the last 2 pages to get out of it 🙂 The last two pages present the others books from PACKT Publishing (obviously) about SAP.You have a first part explaining what SAP HANA is because it is not just a software since it needs some hardware requirements. Then you move ahead with the installation. The next step is your first application, your “SAP HANA hello world” 🙂

The following part “top features you’ll want to know about” is very useful because it gives you an overview of remaining things you can do with SAP HANA.

The book has a lot of screen shots which allow even a beginner to install SAP HANA and that is really helpful.

It has also a part for an interaction with MS Excel with the Pivot Table Tools feature.
I left the best part for the end; SAP HANA, the meaning of HANA is …. NOTHING Yes HANA is supposed to be meaningless though some people have coined the phrase High performance ANalytical Appliance 🙂 Funny hein..

So go get a copy of the book “SAP HANA Starter” fo Mark Walker ( and send me a note if you had fun reading it too.

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