I am reviewing a book about Yii

I discovered Yii a cool PHP framework few weeks ago and I started playing with it. I found at the same time Chive a cool project powered by Yii. I am working right now on a project using Yii and I am having fun ;-).

I am writing a review on a book talking about Yii.

What you will learn from this book :

  • Make internal Yii features, such as events and collections, useful
  • Get the maximum out of your Controller and Views and make them reusable

    Application Development Cookbook_Frontcover

    Application Development Cookbook_Frontcover

  • Work with jQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX the Yii way
  • Use “hidden” core Yii input widgets and write your own widgets
  • Make your application error-free using the TDD approach
  • Use Active Record efficiently
  • Utilize Zii components such as grids and data providers
  • Implement, package, and share your code as a reusable extension
  • Automate error tracking and understand the Yii log and stack trace
  • Keep your implementation secure, filter input, and escape output
  • Tune your application for best performance and learn general performance principles and Yii-related settings
  • Include non-Yii code, such as Zend Framework or PEAR, in your application
  • Simplify team development and manage Yii configuration in a very efficient way


This book is a collection of Yii recipes with chapters generally independent of each other. It is full of practically useful solutions and concepts explained with code and the required pictorial illustrations.

More details about the book here : http://link.packtpub.com/SOv7Qs

A sample chapter is available here for your preview , which your can download for free.

One thought on “I am reviewing a book about Yii

  1. Good work Sam, cus I also like to play with some PHP frameworks and I will give it a shot.

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