[drupal][Views] Display a view Total Rows

Using the views module is always a cool and funny experience but when you have to display the number of rows/results and a counter for each row then you stop smiling :-/.

I finally found how to do it in a simple way 🙂 Here we go …
(I assume you know how to ovewrite a theme file and to display a view using the Table styling)
1- Enable the pagination (without this you won’t get the $view->total_rows value)
2- Copy and the file ‘views-view-table.tpl.php’ in your theme folder (themes/garland or sites/all/themes/my_theme for example)3- Rebuild the theme registry to enable your new table_theme file
4- Adding the total by displaying the $view->total_rows variable

TOTAL : total_rows ; ?>

and that’s it !!

PS: As far as the line number counter all you need is to define a variable ($counter) that you increment in the foreach loop.

Ce silence

Par une nuit de pluie…

Ce silence si brouillant
Qui en criant
Te laisse si calme
Tel une priogue sans rame.

Je connaissais ce silence
Car il ne laisse pas de trace
Ni dans la masse
Qu’il embrasse.

Je connais ce silence
Qui te fait Ă©crire d’immenses
Etendues de souffrances
Ou de joies intenses.

Je connaitrai ce silence
Demain car ses semences
Sont en moi telle une lance
Plantée dans une panse.

[Drupal][Admin_menu] Missing argument system_clear_cache_submit

I was getting this warning message

warning: Missing argument 1 for system_clear_cache_submit(), called in My_website_path\sites\all\modules\admin_menu\admin_menu.inc on line 522 and defined in My_website_path\modules\system\system.admin.inc on line 1367.

since a while. I was feeling lazy to check the cause of it, all i have to do is to reload the home page of the drupal project.

Finally I fixed it by defining an empty array in the admin_menu.inc file:

$form_state = array();
$form_array = array();
system_clear_cache_submit($form_state, $form_array);