A new drupal module: userdashboard

I am working this last days on a new drupal module “userdashboard”. You will probably say “another module?”, “what is so cool about it?”, etc. And you may be right but I need to tell first why this new module needs to be checked.

– The dashboard feature …
Having my page, with my ‘content containers’ that I can arrenge as I want is something we all look for when we visit a portal/web site.

– The key here is the fact of using ‘blocks‘…
A block can have all type of information and in case a module is not providing a block that by default the ‘views’ module is there to help to display the content generated.

So the idea is that if I can display blocks , I can display everything I want (at least what the site admin want me to :), he is the boss).

Thus the module is allowing the admin to select ‘allowed’ blocks, that the user can ‘manage’ and then be able to view them on his dashboard.

There are things (especially the UI) I need to improve but I think this can ROCK…

Now why don’t you take a look at it and tell me why I should stop/continue dreaming about it ? 🙂

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