Twitter updates on Drupal

I integrated Twitter in Drupal today !!

Nothing special maybe but it was funny how easy it was. You can also do it in 15min.

All you need is to
– go to this page (you’ll need a twitter account even if the updates will be for another account).
– follow the instructions :
+ choose the flash or html widget,
+ choose the number
+ choose the title of the posts’ area

– copy the code generated and put it in the content of your block or wherever you want to display it.


Hot tip! To ensure loading of your page even in the case of non-loading, move the two lines that start with to the bottom of your page (just
above the closing ‘body’ tag )

— Use the “full html” for your block content in case you are using one to display the updates.

And that’s it 🙂

Weird message regarding the Firefox ‘Friendbar’ add-on

I have noticed something funny and weird today.

Friendbar (, the cool add-on for firefox ‘seems not available for linux’ when you try to install it on your firefox using Linux(Ubuntu).

But when i download the extension on windows and copy it in my firefox profile on Linux it works like a charm :-).

So my doubt now is about the message I read; is the add-on really available for linux or not (or maybe sometimes it’s available and sometimes not) ?

Can you tell me ? yes you why are you smiling, if you know just answer …

Combine Friendbar with Firefox Profile

Hello folks,
One more funny tip for today .

This add-on will display all updates of your twitter and facebook accounts. You can search on twitter from the same toolbar. You can also change settings like (the update time, the number of latest updates, etc.).

The link with Firefox profile Manager ?

You may not want to always see updates when working or maybe the currrent firefox profile (we use the default profile when none is created) has too much extensions.

So what you can do is to create a new firefox profile before installing the add-on.

Don’t cry i’ll show you how to do it ok 🙂 ?

1- Start firefox with the ‘-ProfileManager -no-remote’ option

(windows) “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -ProfileManager -no-remote
(Linux) > firefox -ProfileManager -no-remote

2- Create a new profile (mine is called the social_boy :-))

3- Go to the add-on page and install it. You’ll need to restart the browser.

4- Create a shortcut to your new profile
(windows) “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P social_boy -no-remote
(linux) > firefox -P social_boy -no-remote

(change social_boy with your new profile name).

Now that you know how to do it you can cry 🙂