Development tools are important …

I am more and more aware of the fact that tools can make the difference between 2 developers having the same level. And today when “be able to deliver tasks/projects as quick as possible” is the sucess key we need to know the right tool to use at the right time.

Here are some steps in case you also agree with me (i know nobody wants to change his tool but think of how you can finish quickly your project and watch a cool nice movie :-)) …

* Know the limits of your tools

Think of how you do things (display line numbers, duplicate a line, etc.) ; if you think you should do it in an easier way then it’s time to go back to the tool user guide (I rarely read this precious document before using tools ;-)).
In case your favourite tool doesn’t have that feature, don’t panic , don’t shed tears. Search for other tools having that in addition of the features of your favourite tool.
There is no use to leave a tool having 10 features to another one with less feature.

* Try different tools

It’s only by doing so that you’ll know if your ‘everyday’ tool is enough. And the more you try tools, the more you master them. This step will help you identify by yourself what exactely the tool is capable of.
You can for example use Fireworks for images but it’s better to work on photos using other tools like Gimp. You can code 1000 lines with Vim but if in Eclipse you can have colours and collapse block of code hmmm…

* “Don’t forget me please ” is your favourite tool saying 🙂

Love a tool but be able to use all tools. Depending on situations you’ll have to adjust (on servers you won’t have IDEs; you’ll need to resolve issues with the old vim ;-)).
You can still code with your notebook at home (in your small room, on your small notebook, with your small drink, while praying that the small packet of chips never finish -i know you like small things-) BUT at office, on project you should think of going faster.

Now i know 1950’s geeks will comment saying that they can do as fast as today’s tools but it’s okay, we are in 2009 😀

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