How to start giving a good presentation …

I used to hear some friends saying that they can not give a presentation (one even said that they day he will try, people will be snoring ;-D).

Nobody is born ‘good speaker’; even if you may have some aptitudes you need to PRACTICE.

Here are some tips to help you in your journey to become a good speaker.

– Start being passionate by people who give good presntations, and think to become as good as them one day. The more you will start being interrested, the more you will read about it , meet people with the same passion.

– Watch a good movie (included animation movie, i personnaly love this type of movie because of many voices you can hear) more than once, not only for the story, but also to SEE how people talk, the gestures they use, their voices,etc. You can pratice with any movie you like. The idea is to imitate people talking as good as you want.

– Learn some small speeches (or sentences) and repeat them from time to time (I used to repeat Lincoln’s speech, ‘the Gettysburg address’).

– When you attend conferences or presentations, pay attention to HOW the speaker is behaving and try it later at home (you can do it alone in the bathroom, the place doesn’t matter, but don’t forget to take your bath hihihi).

– Start giving presentations every time you can, don’t think you will be perfect, you may be good. Think after of what you didn’t do well and why it happened like that so that next time you can do better.

– KEEP in MIND that it may be a long term process and that you’ll always find a small tip by watching others.

By the way did i mention that you need to dream of being a good speaker ? This is the starting point… 😉

I just mentionned here some basics steps to guide you; I’ll mention later some things that make the audience feel “NOT HAPPY” when you speak.

I need to go now because i have to practice in the bathroom :-D.

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