Sun Tech Days Hyderabad 2009

Sun Tech Days : Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th of February 2009.
Day 1: Wednesday 18th

Welcome speech

– Amazing Kid of 11 years old playing many drums at the same time
– 3 Demos Desktop Virtualization + Shark JavaFX + Java TV – Sun box-)
– Sun India CEO speech
– James Gosling talking about the evolution of Java (java is used every where)

[NetBeans 6.5 what’s new ?] Angela Caiceda

– Internal File versionning control
– Refactor preview
– Fix import
– Help used to find some menu used
– Database management
– Code completion formating
– Code
– Import from eclipse project

[Glasfish & the future of Java EE] Arun Gupta

– Application server
– Open source version
– Commercial version (Monitoring tools)
– Sun Communication server (demo of 2 phones calling each other)
– Project deployement
– Clustes management
– Version 2 coming with Netbeans 6.5

[Netbeans with Php development – HOL] Justin Bolter

– Debug step by step as a client side language
– code completion
– code template
– Objects view,etc.
– Drag and drop html elements

Day 2 : Thursday 19th

[New way of working with Swing] Lee Chuck

– “Bind”
– Splash screen
– Nimbus for the design aspect (you don’t have to know how Swing works)
– Display on different screen (class Graphics to help you identify the device)
– User experience (
java icon,
Field getting focus onload of the application,
pressing enter to validate as form,
build an application with a tray icon,
undecorated window to display any kind of window (a cat walking on the screen),

[UML Modelling with Netbeans] Ashwin Rao

– Design Pattern
– For more efficiency, some elements have been removed (unused UML diagrams)
– Synchronous manual (Code generated and diagrams generated)

[Get involved in Open source projects]

[Restful HOL -Hands On Lab-]
– Glassfish (application server basically but can do more than that)
– Webservice

[Java Mobile]
– JavaFX :with his magick bind method. The bind method basically allows you to change the value of one variable dynamically. Ex: if i bind x to y and if y is changing (on drag of an image for example) i don’t need to worry about coding to update x.
– More classes to make the programming easier

[Mobile and Embedded Java Update]
– Magic pen piano (a demo where the piano keys were drwan on a paper and with a pen the person was able to play the notes awesome).
– Java Sun Spot (used for robots, chip)
– Golf swing measurement (using the Java sunspot)
– Java Phone (LWUIK)

[Personnal impression]

{Pros – things to remember}
– demo must show new interresting things
– the way people were presenting
– HOL are available for people after the event (because it is quite impossible to finish them and ask questions if you are new to the technology)
– You can ask questions on the author blog
– Importance of local teams in open source project (the maintain the group when you are gone :-))
– The place and decoration is better than the website of the event 🙂

– Marketing of “NetBeans”
– JavaFX is for animation but the environment is not yet as easy for designers (compare to Flash); its more for java developpers who want to do animation.
– Eclipse has already many of the “new features” (many plugins) . So you can choose Net Beans or whatever tool you want but don’t become slave of the tool or … ;-D
– You can’t ask questions in the room (i guess because of the busy schedule and so many people willing to ask more and more questions …).

I was a cool event anyway, new environnement, new people especially for a guy like me who is not java java :-D.


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